Special Education

Children in foster care may also be designated as "special education students". If your child is a special education student, there are special procedures that need to be followed. 

Every special education student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  There must be IEP meetings at least once a year to review the child’s progress and make a plan for the next year.  There are special procedures you must follow for special education students. 

In most cases, you as a resource parent are not allowed to sign the IEP.  If the birth parent is not available to sign, or their educational rights have been terminated, a surrogate parent is appointed for the child.  Even though you may not be able to sign the IEP, it is vital that you attend these meetings. 

Your knowledge about the child is invaluable and your input is needed.

When the school informs you that an IEP meeting is scheduled, you must immediately inform your agency  social worker.  Your family social worker will inform the birth parent or other appropriate parties regarding the meeting. 

You can request an additional IEP meeting if you do not feel the current situation in school is meeting your foster child’s needs.  The school must schedule a meeting if you request one.

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