Clothing Allowance

Foster parents should do everything possible to ensure that foster children be dressed neatly and so that they look good and feel good about their appearance.

It is the agency’s expectation that you will spend at least $70 per month on clothing for each foster child.  Although the agency does not have a minimum amount that foster parents must spend on clothing each month, if you spend $210 for clothing at the beginning of the school year, for example, that would take care of three (3) months’ worth of clothing expectations. 

The agency routinely request receipts for clothing. If there is a concern or complaint regarding clothing supplies, we will inventory the clothing to determine if there is an adequate supply. 

Every month, the agency social worker is required to conduct a clothing environment to verify the quantity and quality of the clothing items. If there is the perception that clothing supplies are not adequate, we will discuss the problem with you. A clothing inventory is completed by the agency social worker on a regular basis.

The placing county sometimes provides an initial clothing allowance.  If a child is placed with you who has very little clothing, ask your county social worker to check into the possibility of an initial clothing allowance.  

Be ensure to obtain the county worker's authorization to spend additional funds, in writing. The agency is not able to reimburse for "extra clothing" without the corresponding Notice of Action. The Notice of Action is the letter that the agency receives with notification that there has been a clothing allowance authorized or a change in reimbursement rate for the foster parents.

You need to be aware that different counties have very different policies regarding clothing allowances, and something that is available for one child may not be available for another.  For example, some counties provide an annual clothing allowance. 

If there is an annual clothing allowance, you will need to provide receipts. You will be informed if we receive a county clothing allowance for a particular child.

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