Foster parents need to ensure that children special days are recognized, this includes birthday and holiday celebration.  

We encourage celebrations. Make the child part of your family. If your religious views do not permit such celebrations, we need to be aware of that fact and children being placed need to be aware of your religious views on the subject prior to placement.

It is expected that children’s birthdays will be celebrated with a family birthday celebration and a gift.  You may not cancel a child’s birthday recognition as a disciplinary tool.  Whether a child gets to invite friends to their birthday can depend on their behavior, but a family recognition should always be given.

Christmas celebrations also need to include the foster child.  If you are going somewhere for Christmas, the foster child needs to be included unless the child is visiting with their birth family.  We will not be able to arrange respite care to include Christmas.

If foster parents have a religious or conscientious objection regarding celebration of holidays or birthdays, please notify your agency social worker in advance so that the agency can make appropriate preparations. 

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