Planned Moves

Under certain conditions, there will be need for foster parents to prepare for planned moves of children.

  1. Check the child out of school, and turn in any schoolbooks.  For junior high and high school students, obtain a copy of their current class schedule to facilitate entry into the next school. 
  2. If you do not have a copy of the latest IEP for a special education child, obtain that from the school.  Put the IEP and class schedule in the child’s file.
  3. Pack up the child’s belongings with the assistance of the child.  Inventory the child’s belongings, and give the family social worker an updated inventory.  Utilize boxes or suitcases to pack the belongings. 
  4. Under no circumstances in a planned move should the child’s belongings be put into garbage bags.
  5. Give the agency social worker the child’s file, medical card, and any medications along with clear medication instructions.  For example, on medicine bottles it frequently states how many times a day, but does not indicate times. 
  6. Write down the times and a dosage for each time the medication is given
  7. Be sure the child has the opportunity to say good-bye to all significant family members, including extended family.

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