Foster parents may need to go on vacation, leave town for work, or leave due to an emergency such as a death in the family or health concern, and foster parents will need to make plans for the children to be placed temporarily in another home. This is called "Respite".

Parent may need "Respite" just so they can "self-nurture" or spend time relaxing or replenishing their spiritual and emotional reservoirs. Foster parents tend to do for other, always busy. It is important that they take time away from the 24/7 requirement of caring for a child in foster care.

Of course, plan your respite with sufficient time to give the agency time to find another home. At least 21 days is the norm that agencies need. If you plan to leave town, you must notify the agency in advance.

In some cases, foster parents authorize others to go to their home to take care of the children there to avoid having the children leave to another home. However, if you plan to do that, you must inform the agency to ensure that the adults are finger-printed and have passed the background check. 

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