Gifts to Children

Because foster parents are generous people, they frequently like to provide their foster children with extra gifts (bicycles, dolls, sports equipment, etc.).

Your generosity, of course, depends on your own circumstances. You are not expected to provide all these extras, but neither are these gifts discouraged.

However, when you do give a gift, make sure that the child is able to take it with him when he leaves your home, no matter what the circumstances.

It is important for your foster child to have some toys of his own so that he does not always have to share your own child’s toys. This makes for a better relationship for all of the children in the home. Be sure to identify which toys belong to the child and which belong to the household.

Gifts can never be taken away from children. That is considered a violation of their personal rights. 

Foster parents cannot withhold items given to the child even if to return it to the original giver (e.g. biological relatives or another foster parent). That is considered a violation of the child's personal rights. 

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