Cribs and babies

Each infant, or child requiring a crib, shall be provided with an individual, safe, and sturdy bassinet or crib as appropriate to the age and size of the infant or child. The following shall apply to cribs:

  • Tiered or stacked cribs, or cribs with drop sides, shall not be used.
  • Crib slats shall not pose the danger of an infant or child being trapped.
  • A crib mattress shall be clean, comfortable, and fit properly in the crib.
  • Linen shall include a fitted sheet that fits tightly on a crib mattress and overlaps the underside of the mattress so it cannot be dislodged.
  • Linen shall be changed at least once per week or more often when necessary to ensure that clean linen is in use at all times.
  • A bassinet or crib shall be free from all loose articles and objects.
  • Objects may not hang above or be attached to any side of a bassinet or crib.
  • An infant or child who can climb out of a crib shall be provided with an age-appropriate bed.

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