Wrap Team

Wraparound is a strengths-based planning process that occurs in a team setting to engage with children, youth, and their families. Wraparound shifts focus away from a traditional service-driven, problem-based approach to care and instead follows a strengths-based, needs-driven approach.  

The intent is to build on individual and family strengths to help families achieve positive goals and improve well-being. Wraparound is also a team-driven process.  From the start, a child and family team is formed and works directly with the family as they identify their own needs and strengths.  The team develops a service plan that  describes specific strategies for meeting the needs identified by the family.  

The service plan is individualized, with strategies that reflect the child and family's culture and preferences.  California Wraparound is intended to allow children to live and grow up in a safe, stable, permanent family environment.  For children and families in the foster care system, the Wraparound process can:

  • Enhance strengths by creating a strength-based intervention plan with a child and family team;
  • Promote youth and parent involvement with family voice, choice, and preference;
  • Use community-based services;
  • Create independence and stability;
  • Provide services that fit a child and family's identified needs, culture, and preferences;
  • Create one plan to coordinate responses in all life domains; and
  • Focus on achieving positive goals.

The Wrap Team will be in your home or you may be asked to take the child to a location for "Wrap Services". All Wrap members are also "mandated reporters" and are required to report any signs of potential child abuse or neglect. All foster parents who have children in Wrap Services should be aware that having the child in Wrap services increases the likelihood of your home coming under some investigation. Although 99% of investigations may result in an unfounded or unsubstantiated, it still causes some discomfort or stress. However, as an agency, we must do everything possible to provide the child with the services needed to be successful and that includes Wraparound Services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always contact your agency social worker. 

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