Agency Social Worker

As an Approved Resource Family (or Certified Foster Parent), you are part of a treatment team who work together to meet the needs of your foster child.  You have entered into a relationship of "co-parenting", meaning that you are willing to work together with others to care for the child in your home.

The Agency Social Worker (ASW) is your primary relationship to the agency and to foster care in general. It is the Agency Social Worker’s job to work with you to help you deal with any problems being experienced by you, your foster child, or your family.  Your ASW is available to talk with you about any issue that is causing your stress, and our discussions do not have to be limited to issues directly related to the foster child. 

At Knotts Family Agency, we expect ASWs to be responsive to parents. We understand that people may be in a meeting or another phone call, but if you call the ASW during regular business hours, we ask ASWs to return your call at least within 30 minutes.

Your agency social worker will meet with you at least once a week (normally 3 times per month).  The agency  social worker will talk with you and the foster child, assist you in coming up with a behavior management plan, and assist you in coping with the stress of having a new family member who has numerous adjustments to make.

Note the term Agency Social Worker to differentiate from the County Social Worker. These two individuals have very different and distinct roles. Although everyone's role is to ensure the well being of the child in your home, the County Social Worker is primarily focused on the child, whereas the Agency Social Worker is focused on providing you with the support needed. 

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