Child Care

Resource Families often ask about Child Care, including expenses associated with Child Care. Please be aware that when a Resource (Foster) Family signs up to provide foster care, this means that they are saying that they have the time and resources to provide quality care for children. 

Children may be of school-age or younger. If of school-age, children must attend school. It is the responsibility of the Resource Parents to ensure that children are attending school and are doing their best to be successful in their school work. If the child is not of school age, it is likely that the child will remain at home. 

During the application process, Resource Parents are required to designate an "alternative care giver" who will provide support for child care in the event that the Resource Parent is not able to do so. Providing child care is the responsibility of the Resource Parent and there are no additional funds or compensation for this. Resource Parents who work, may identify a child care provider or center but would be responsible for financing or paying for this service. Resource Parents may use funds from their monthly reimbursement they receive for foster care to pay for child care. If child care is provided by a licensed facility, no additional fingerprints or background check required. However, if the alternative caregiver is not licensed to provide child care, they must complete the Live Scan and Background check. 

In some cases, the Resource Parents may inquire with their local Head Start Program if there is space available for the child. There may be income requirements but in general, children in foster care, may qualify for Head Start Program. Please check for the requirements with your local Head Start.

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