Home Inspection

The home and grounds of a Resource Family shall meet the requirements specified in this  section and the following requirements:

(1)    The home shall be clean, safe, sanitary, and in good repair.

(2)    Except for a home with a sprinkler system, a home shall have an approved, commercially manufactured, and functioning carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm or smoke detector installed in the hallway of each sleeping area in the home. A detector and alarm shall be audible in each bedroom.

(A)    A carbon monoxide detector.
(B)    A smoke alarm or smoke detector

(3)    All outdoor and indoor passageways, stairways, inclines, ramps, and open porches in and on the grounds of the home shall be free of obstruction.

(4)    At least one toilet, sink, and tub or shower shall be maintained in a safe, clean, and operating condition.
(A) Faucets to be used by a child or nonminor dependent for personal care and grooming shall deliver water that is safe and sanitary and hot water at a safe temperature.
(B)    If age or developmentally appropriate, individual privacy shall be provided to a child or nonminor dependent in all toilet, bath, and shower areas.

(5)    Fireplaces, freestanding stoves, and space heaters shall be maintained and used in a manner that ensures safe operation.
(6) A safe and comfortable temperature shall be maintained in the home.
(7)    There shall be lighting as necessary in all rooms and other areas of the home and grounds to ensure comfort and safety.

8) All water used in the home shall be safe and sanitary

Bunk beds may be used meeting the following guidelines:

(A)    Bunk beds shall have railings on both sides of the upper tier to prevent falling.
(B) A child under six years of age or who is unable to climb into or out of the upper tier unassisted shall not be permitted to use the upper tier.
(C)    Bunk beds of more than two tiers shall not be used.

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