All information regarding your foster children is confidential.  You may not share information regarding why children are in foster care or the birth parent’s situation with your friends or relatives.  The privacy of your child is VERY IMPORTANT.

Please do NOT discuss your child with other Resource Parents or with ANYONE outside of the agency or county representatives. This includes neighbors, church members, or others. Questions about why the child is in your care should be answered in generalities such as that the parents are having some problems. 

You also may not allow foster children’s pictures or names to be published online, in the newspaper or anywhere that identifies them as being foster children.  For example, a child’s picture could be in the paper as part of their sports team, with their name listed along with the other team members.  Their name and picture could not be used if it identified the child as being a foster child.

We generally receive consent to release information to physicians, mental health workers, and school personnel.  This consent is contained on the form you should receive on each child entitled “Consent Form”.

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