Foster parents must enroll the child in school immediately after he/she has been placed in your home. You have the authority to enroll the student in school and sign forms where signature of parent/guardian is requested. Contact the child’s social worker for assistance.

If the child will be remaining in the same school he was attending previously, update the Emergency Contact card at the child's school with your contact information. (You may be asked to transport the child to the school he or she was attending.)

Promote and encourage school attendance. Ensure the child has appropriate school supplies to attend school, such as uniform, etc.

Attend conferences with school staff, including IEP meetings, as needed.

Share pertinent and necessary information about a child with school staff in order to obtain necessary education services. Information such as medication needed at school, level of supervision or problem behaviors to be addressed/monitored at school are appropriate.

Details about a child’s family history, abuse, neglect or court case is confidential and not appropriate to be shared.

Arrange for counseling or tutoring through the school, when necessary. Review homework assignments and report cards.

Advocate for the child with the school (seek resources, special classes, if needed).

Check out all school activities and field trips that the child will be attending.

Make sure that these activities are properly supervised.

You may sign permission slips since you are acting in lieu of the child's parents.

Call the agency social worker (and/or county social worker) if you have questions about permission slips.

Inform the social workers about school achievements or problems.

When possible, discuss the child's school progress with the child's parents and depending on relationship, invite them to attend school conferences, plays, sporting events, etc.

If the child will not return to their current school, enroll them in to a school in your district.

If the Child is leaving your home, notify the school that the child will be moving and request a "transfer and release" form be completed by the school. Forward it to the social worker.

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