Articles are written for the "layperson", the regular individual who is interested in getting information about what it means to be or become a foster or adoptive parent. In California, the term Resource Family is used to cover individuals approved (licensed) to serve as foster or adoptive parents.

The articles in this Knowledge Base do not constitute legal or tax advice. The content is solely for informational and educational purposes. That is why, articles do not usually reference a specific code or law. 

Instead, they are written in plain language from a practical point of view. In most cases, written from the perspective of an agency worker or that of a foster parent. However, if you are interested in finding the specific regulation or reference, feel free to submit your request via the feedback or suggestion box.

The website is managed by Knotts Family Agency, Inc., a dual licensed facility in the State of California, authorized to approve (i.e. certify) Resource Families (foster parents and adoption parents).

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