Unauthorized Items

Foster parents are always to ensure the safety of the children in care. The following are items which foster children are not permitted to have in their possession.  If any of these items are found, they should be turned over to the family social worker or packed away and returned to the child’s county worker.

Inappropriate clothing items should be packed up and stored and returned to the child when they leave placement.

  1. Items projecting harmful objects.
  2. Items involving chemicals or flammable fuels
  3. Paints, glues
  4. Knifes
  5. Aerosol cans
  6. Drug paraphernalia
  7. Weapons
  8. Racist or hate-group material
  9. Alcohol or alcohol containers
  10. Gang-related materials, colors, jackets, hats, etc.
  11. Sexually provocative clothing
  12. Clothing with satanic or vulgar materials, drug symbols, or gang symbols

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