Foster parents are required to give a "cash allowance" to children in foster care. This allowance ranges from $20 to $50 per month, depending on the child's age. Other factors to consider include social needs, maturity, level of responsibility, and previous history. You will be notified of the allowance amount.  

You also need to consider which items you expect children to pay for out of their allowance. For example, are they expected to pay for things like movies from their allowance?

Under no circumstances can you withhold the allowance. The allowance is not earned based on "good behavior", it is a benefit children in foster care must receive, based on the regulations.

Parent are allowed to establish a higher allowance than required. The extra amount between the minimum amount and the amount the parent has established, may have conditions apply. For example, if the child does something inappropriate, a consequence could be loss of some of the extra money.

Remember, Foster Parents cannot touch or withhold the minimum allowance required. 

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