Time for Placements

Foster parents often wonder how soon they will receive a placement.

It is difficult to predict when foster families will get their  first placement. Generally speaking, if working with a private foster family agency, you complete the approval process, and receive your certificate of approval. The agency is authorized to approve the Resource Family.

However, after Agency Approval, the county has to provide clearance. This process is unpredictable and some counties are known to take 6-9 months for clearance.

Even after the county clearance is received, the time it will take for parents to receive children in their home is unpredictable as it depends on the characteristics and preferences the foster family indicated in the application. 

Although the time to placement is unknown, what is certain is that the sooner you complete the application and approval process, the sooner you are likely to be cleared by the county and can then start accepting children. 

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