County Social Worker

The county social worker  (CSW) also known in the county as a Social Services Practitioner, is the social worker or probation officer who places the child with Knotts Family Agency. 

The county worker is responsible for the child’s safety and insuring that the child’s needs are being met.  How often you see the county worker depends upon the case plan for your foster child.  If the plan is reunification, the county worker will probably see the child on a monthly basis. 

If the plan is long term foster care, the county worker may come only once every six months.  The county worker will also often contact you directly about setting up a visit with the child.  Go ahead and make the appointment, but let your family social worker know so that your social worker can also be there if the family social worker desires to do so. 

Please try to accommodate the county worker when they are making an appointment.  The county worker is required to visit the child within certain time limits.  Because of their very high caseloads, they may not always be able to contact you or inform you of a visit until the last minute. We encourage you to reach out to your agency Social Worker or someone at the office if you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance.

Please do not discuss directly with a county worker the possibility of placing another child in your home.  If a county worker brings up this subject with you, please refer them to your agency social worker.  If you accept a child without going through the agency, you run the risk of not being paid the correct amount because of discrepancies with date of placement.

Remember, always be sure you are communicating in a respectful manner and be careful what you say and how you say it. Feel free to be transparent, but also, understand the implications of what you may discloseKeep in mind that the CSWs primary role is the well-being of the child under their responsibility, so they will act immediately on the slightest concern. Anything you say to a county social worker may be a matter of record. 

We strongly recommend that you develop a cordial and mutually respectful relationship with the county social worker and also keep your agency social worker informed of any communication you have had with county worker. 

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